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John Keitz


Mr. John F. Keitz is president of BK Associates. Mr. Keitz has more than 50 years of experience in aviation. He held various positions in PRC Speas during 19 years with the firm including Manager of the Computer Services Division and Manager of the Aviation Consulting Division. In addition to aircraft appraisals, his consulting activities have consisted primarily of analyses and forcasts of the future demand for aircraft and other aviation products, aircraft performance comparisons, and fleet plans.

New York University, B.S. in Engineering Physics
Texas A&M University, Professional Certification Course in Meteorology
New York University Graduate School of Engineering &Science, Meteorology
Long Island University, M.S. in Management Engineering

Previous Positions
United States Air Force, Weather Officer
PRC Speas,  Meteorologist-Flight Planner, Assistant Vice President and General Manager-Computer Services Division, Associate Vice President-Consulting Services Division

Appraisal Services. Prepares appraisals of current value and future residual values of airline aircraft, general aviation aircraft, airships, spare engines and other equipment.

Aircraft Market Analysis. Conducts studies of current and forecast aircraft market conditions and aircraft values. Analyzes supply and demand for aircraft and the impact of regulatory factors and new aircraft programs on the market.

Asset Acquisition and Management Consulting. Provides assistance in interpreting, negotiating and managing aircraft lease return and maintenance requirements including tax issues, inspection requirements and re-marketing strategies.

Expert Witness Testimony. Provides expert witness testimony on aircraft current values and forecast residual values in federal, state, bankruptcy and tax courts.

Certified Senior Appraiser International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading. Appraiser Fellow.

Richard Britton

Vice President

Dick Britton, Vice President, joined BK Associates after twenty-five years of maintenance and engineering experience with Pan American World Airways. His Pan Am experiences include:

- Production Supervisor

- Quality Control Manager

- Manager Engineering Records and Documents

- Director Aircraft Production Control

- Director Aircraft Sales and Leasing

Purdue University, Associates Degree in Aviation Applied Technology
Purdue University, B.S. in Industrial Management

Previous Positions

Pan American World Airways, Maintenance, Quality Control, Production Control, Engineering

Purdue University, Assistant to Professor in School of Aviation Technology

Allison Gas Turbine, Aerospace –Quality Control

Flight Equipment Inspections. Perform visual inspection of transport aircraft and engines; review related specification data and maintenance records to ascertain the maintenance status and condition and the airworthiness of the equipment.

Appraisals. Evaluate transport aircraft and engines to determine asset values, current fair market values and future market values.

Audits and Evaluations. Perform detailed inspection and review of airline flight equipment management, operations, procedures and maintenance to determine compliance with lease agreements and other contractual obligations.

Market Development. Advise potential sellers on effective marketing techniques and procedures and likewise advise potential buyers on market research and aircraft availability.

Certified Senior Appraiser International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading.

FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic License
FAA Private Pilot License

Pooja Gardemal, CPA/ABV

Managing Director

Pooja Gardemal currently serves as Managing Director at BK Associates. Ms. Gardemal specializes in tangible valuations, intangible asset valuations, business valuations, analyzing complex business relationships and forecasting. Ms. Gardemal is an accomplished valuation professional with almost two decades of wide-ranging experience. Ms. Gardemal has also worked with a number of investors on due diligence projects evaluating different investments. Ms. Gardemal has a strong history of leadership as a valuation professional, both by serving as an expert witness in many lost profits cases and by speaking at a variety of events, including those held at major banks such as Deutsche Bank and at major valuation organizations such as the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA). 

University of Maryland, B.S. in Accounting
University of Maryland. B.S. in Finance

Previous Positions
Panum Aviation Consulting
Morten Beyer & Agnew (mba)
Aronson & Company
CapAnalysis / Alvarez & Marsal

Aircraft Appraisal. Prepares appraisals of current value and future residual values of airline aircraft, general aviation aircraft, airships, spare engines and other equipment. 

Intangible Asset Valuation. Value routes, slots, and gates for airline securitizations using a discounted cash flow methodology as well as market approach.

Business Valuation. Prepare business valuations for investors, lenders and litigation, considering the income, market and asset approaches.

Expert Witness Testimony. Provides expert witness testimony on lost profits, loss of use damages and trademark cases.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV)


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