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Simon Chang



Simon Chang currently serves as a Director at BK Associates, a prominent firm specializing in aircraft valuation, intangible asset valuation, route and fleet planning, financial modeling and business valuation. Since joining the company in 2019, Mr. Chang has worked on a diverse range of projects, ranging from aircraft and engine valuations to overseeing the aggregation of global aviation fleet data. With a solid educational foundation in mathematical modeling and analytics, coupled with a rich professional background in aviation and finance, Mr. Chang has become an integral part of the BK Associates team.


Notably, Mr. Chang’s proficiency extends to managing and updating extensive datasets critical for data publications and valuation projects, serving numerous clients including aircraft lessors, airlines, and manufacturers. He has excelled in valuations of both tangible and intangible aviation-related assets such as aircraft, engines, spare parts, ground support equipment, brands, loyalty programs, slots, gates and routes (SGR), as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) businesses. In addition to his valuation expertise, Mr. Chang has lent his expertise to projects involving maintenance modelling, credit analyses, and expert witness matters. Mr. Chang’s dedication to precision, excellence, and informed decision-making continues to drive success for both BK Associates and its valued clients.


Mr. Chang is currently part of the ISTAT Appraisers Program (IAP) as an Appraiser Candidate, looking to become an ISTAT Certified Appraiser.


The University of Maryland, B.S. in Mathematics


Aircraft and Engine Appraisal. Prepares appraisals of current and future values of commercial aircraft, business jets, spare engines and other equipment.

Intangible Asset Valuation. Values loyalty programs, brands, routes, slots, and gates using discounted cash flow and market approaches.

Simon Chang

Phone: 202-852-2663

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