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BK Associates was established in 1984 by William H. Bath and John F. Keitz to provide professional consulting services in virtually every facet of aviation. Although we specialize in aircraft appraisals and related services, the aviation experience of our staff and associates is varied and includes such disciplines as aircraft performance analysis, air traffic control, maintenance facility design, audits of corporate flight operations, airline schedule analysis, noise studies, transportation economics, and management and organization planning. We continue to maintain the resources and database to provide these services.


Since 1984,BK Associates has completed over 6,500 specific appraisal assignments which have included over 45,000 aircraft. (Some aircraft have been appraised more than once.) We have appraised all airline transport types and models of Airbus, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, British Aerospace, Fokker, ATR, Convair, Fairchild, Embraer, deHavilland of Canada, Dornier, Canadair, Saab and Short Brothers. We have appraised most business jet models of Gulfstream, Canadair, Falcon Jet, Cessna and British Aerospace.


BK Associates has developed a unique inventory of resources to assist in providing its services. When the company was founded, the founders acquired the assets of their former employer, PRC Speas (formerly R. Dixon Speas Associates, Inc.). This included an extensive technical library with aircraft specifications and performance data for nearly all aircraft manufactured since the 1950s. The library includes airline and airport traffic data from the 1950s onward, copies of annual government industry and manufacturer’s forecasts, entire historic collections of significant aviation publications, such as, Aviation Daily, Aviation Week & Space Technology and Jane’s All the Worlds Aircraft plus complete reference sets of U.S. Federal Air Regulations, Type Certificate Data Sheets and Airworthiness Directives. We continue to maintain either a hard copy or online copy of these resources.


Our database of aircraft sales transactions includes all those reported on U.S. Department of Transportation Form 41 reports by U.S. Airlines since 1971. In addition, while the ISTAT ethics code forbids us to divulge the details, we are aware of the transaction prices of many more sales because of appraisals we have conducted. These historic data contribute to the statistical bases of aircraft value models and future value forecasts.


We are especially familiar with the tax law related appraisal requirements of Japanese Leveraged Leases, Aircraft Lease Securitizations, FSCs, property tax issues, capitalization of maintenance costs and sale/leasebacks.




BK Associates adheres strictly to the ISTAT code of ethics and standard practices. For example, even though such activity is not forbidden by ISTAT, we do not buy, sell, broker or market any aircraft, or participate in any other activity (such as owning shares in a manufacturer) that would compromise our absolute objectivity in conducting appraisals. We do not accept contingent fees or revise fee quotes to meet competitors.


BK Associates has conducted appraisals for over 400 clients. Since the ISTAT code does not permit us to divulge a client’s name without permission, any client list we distribute includes only the names of clients which have been publicly divulged, such as through filings with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, stock exchanges or court records. These public records have noted that BK Associates conducted appraisals for these clients.