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Dina Salman

Director Aircraft Appraisal


Dina Salman, a distinguished figure in the aviation industry, serves as the Director of Aircraft Appraisal at BK Associates, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. With a career spanning several high-profile aviation organizations, Ms. Salman has solidified her reputation as a leading authority in aircraft valuations and fleet management. 

Ms. Salman's most recent role was at VV Aviation, where she honed her skills in aircraft valuations. However, Ms. Salman has seen aircraft through a number of different lenses. Prior to VV, she had worked in fleet planning and strategy at both Qatar Airways and easyJet. In her roles, Ms. Salman looked at optimal fleet retirement and replacement timing. She also worked on lease extensions, early terminations and deferrals based on planned capacity needs and changes.


Ms. Salman's breadth of experience also carries experience in the leasing world. Specifically, Ms. Salman has worked on aircraft pricing, contract negotiation, leasing, and fleet marketing. Her time at industry-leading lessors, AWAS and Falko Regional Aircraft Leasing, saw her facilitate complex transactions, negotiate advantageous contracts, and devise innovative marketing strategies for diverse aircraft portfolios.


Buckinghamshire University, B.A. in Airline and Airport Management

Cranfield University, MSc in Air Transport Management

Previous Positions

VesselsValue Ltd, Aircraft Leasing Specialist

Qatar Airways, Corporate Planning Mannger - Fleet Strategy

Kyte, Commercial Manager

Falko, Commercial Manager

easyJet, Fleet Planning and Strategy


Aircraft and Engine Appraisal. Prepares appraisals of current and future values of commercial aircraft, business jets, spare engines and other equipment. 

Fleet planning, management and strategy.

Dina Salman

Phone: 202-759-0350

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